About the Book

The Philosopher's Stone: Seeds of a Conscious Harvest is a collection of quotes and phrases each individually the summation of volumes of writings as they are comprehended and by way of scrutinizing volumes of knowledge, they are the drawn conclusions, lessons, and even evaluations and questions that were revealed to the author by peering into his own personal experience and into the experiences of others throughout his life. It is the author's wish that the reader would ponder over these nuggets of gold using them as a looking glass through which the past is measured and the future starting with the works of now are laid out.

These writings are like drops of water drawn from the depths of the sea where the minerals are rich. It is the hope that by their ingestion the depths of wisdom are revealed unto the reader leading each one to a baptism of new life. When a tree gives birth to fruit before that fruit is ripe and the beautiful coat of its hue is revealed unto the world that fruit remains green like the leaves of that tree. The reason that is, is because until the fruit is ripe the seeds that lie in its care are vulnerable. The shells are soft and the embryo and force of life that lay within the shells of those seeds must be protected at the highest cost because this alone is the source of life and the power of God. The tree keeps its fruit camouflaged from predators flying overhead and running about upon the ground until the seed of its fruit is strengthened. Seeds unlike the rest of the fruit and even unto the tree itself does not break down by the process of digestion. They come out the same way they went in except by germination This is because those little shells hold the force of life and the very process of God within them. Life comes forth by the death of the seed and by no other way. Even if the fruit is wasted, falls to the ground, rots, and wasted away, new life lies untarnished within the seeds.

Words are no different, and these quotes and phrases have within them the whole force of God and all of the wisdom upon the earth awaiting to sprout up and produce good fruit in anyone willing to put these words through the full process of death which is itself the coming forth of day. The only way to put these words to death so that they reveal the life and light within them and raise one to a higher rung on the ladder, exposing to him the way of knowledge is by living them out fully until they become a part of such a one's mental fabric. The earth simply receives the seed making it a part of itself and by so doing the shell releases its resistance and life is brought forth. Receive these seeds and breathe them through your being, for they are birthed from wisdom and surely shall point back to that root. They are simply for the making of good sense in a world of political correctness where truths are twisted and made to appear false and what is bad is praised and glorified as good. Let them be a lighthouse guiding you to the shores of knowledge and the fear of the Lord through the storms of the sea for common sense in an ocean of ignorance is only foolishness.

You must come to higher ground!

About the Author

In 2008, Kirk Gaither II was arrested in San Antonio, Texas for felony aggravated kidnapping. At trial in 2010 he received a 25-year prison sentence in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Detention Center.

During his time in the San Antonio County jail awaiting trial the change that began a month earlier while Kirk was still on the street began to truly unfold. What truly began at the birth of his first daughter “faith,” encouraged with the coming of his second “love,” was a month prior to being jailed in San Antonio, Texas on felony kidnapping charges brought to full fruition. While in county and throughout his prison term to date, Kirk the man, as a son of God, has been birthed and exercised in the word of God and the passing away of the immature and ignorant man-child has been completed.

"When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways," (1 Cor 13:11). This Bible verse stands as a personal testament to the transformation and new life that Kirk has been given. While in prison Kirk redeems the time by making it useful in the way of increasing his usefulness to the world at large and to his peers in his unit community. The unit library serves as a university where Kirk remains to be a faithful visitor, studying a wide range of subjects. Outside of his studies, Kirk trains and teaches in the style of Wing-Chun Kung Fu. Kirk also teaches to other offenders business, law, financial management and planning, astrology, and most of all the word of God. Kirk has ascribed one verse above all others to the many things he has been given in the way of education (mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wealth). "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things will be added unto you," (KJV, NKJV). It is the author's experience that by following this one verse's instruction you can rise from lost to found, from ignorant to right-squared, from hated to loved, and from rags to riches!

Kirk plans on opening several business ventures after he is released from prison, and even while he remains to be incarcerated. He has drawn the blueprints for many ventures from corporate holding companies to clothing companies, to patents and apps all from the rich vault of creativity that rests within him.

"If time truly heals, to educate therewith shall truly bring about the dawning of a new day!"
—Kirk A. Gaither II